The Musical: rehearsals going well.

Rehearsals are going well here at the Mount School in preparation for the debut of Angel Small on 4th December. All the children are singing the songs enthusiastically around the school and at home, as well as on stage. We even have harmonies from the older girls!

The acting is coming along nicely from the younger ones. Gabriel is showing excellent stage presence! There are going to be 'effects' from the angels as they come in to land amongst the shepherds. But its top secret for the moment!

I am loving having an input into the production. It is quite daunting being the writer and watching your work emerge into real life. You wonder if your lines are interesting, funny, informative. You worry that the songs will not go down well or the children will be bored. You hope that everyone will feel included; from the sheep to the shepherds, right on through to the star roles - Jesus (oops he's a doll) - I mean, Mary and Joseph, and of course the big star - Angel Small.

So far all is looking good. Phew! Many thanks to the wonderful staff here at the Mount.