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It's Christmas Eve. But not just any old Christmas Eve.

This is the first one ever!

One little angel wants to join the Good News Party but they say

he's just too small. He follows them anyway.

Angel Small. What on Earth will he find?

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By Karen Langtree & Gill McLean

"A truly adorable rendition of the nativity story with endearing illustrations that will captivate both story teller and listener."

Helen Horner, Nursery manager, Pollyanna’s

Perfect for 3 to 7 year olds, the Christmas story from the view of the smallest angel.


Paperback - 28 pages 275 x 245mm

ISBN:  978 0 9930636 0 2


£6.99      (UK postage free)

Angel Small

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Angel Small Sing-a-Long Pack

Download FREE songs from the musical

The companion title to "Angel Small",

perfect for 3 to 7 year olds,

the Christmas story from a camel's point of view.


Paperback - 28 pages 275 x 245mm

ISBN:  978 0 9930636 1 9


£6.99      (UK postage free)

AS Follows the Star Cover Layout_edited.
Angel Small Follows the Star

... It’s the first Christmas Day ever !
Heaven is having a party to celebrate the arrival of the new king.
Can one little angel help three Wise Men
 and their troublesome camels to find Him?                 

               Who will they meet along the way,
and will Angel Small discover the best gift of all?

"Beautifully written to capture the true meaning of Christmas ...a fantastic story, which will engage and excite children of all ages (and adults too!)."

Emma Coulson, Nursery and Key Stage One teacher, York

By Karen Langtree & Gill McLean


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Jack the Runaway Terrier

By Gill McLean

Jack loves adventure and lets his nose lead him wherever it will.

But has this little terrier bitten off more than he can chew?

A tale of adventure, love and redemption about a mischievous dog and his patient brother.

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Jack TRT Spread 5

Aimed at 3 to 7 year olds

Colour illustrations throughout, rhyming text



32 pages 275 x 245mm

ISBN:  978 0 9933079 1 1